Chris Broadbent

Chris Broadbent, artist

Oil and acrylic paintings on board and canvas
Realism, Abstraction, Post-impressionism
Forest, Coastal and Landscape scenes

West Coast artist, Chris Broadbent, discovered his passion for the great outdoors while working as a geophysicist for the mining industry , which required him to travel throughout Canada, especially the far north. Although his art most often reflects and is inspired by frequent visits into the Western Canadian wilderness, his influences are varied and eclectic. He prefers no particular style yet admires artists who have stood the test of time: Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo and Caravaggio; the inventive creativity of Pablo Picasso and Anselm Kiefer; and the naturalistic imagery of Neolithic Cave Paintings at Chauvet, Lascaux and Altamira.

Chris was born in London and raised in many parts of Great Britain during one of the most challenging times of the twentieth century. As a youngster growing up in post World War II England, he was encouraged to make a practical career choice, so spent a few years in the military. Chris's lifelong avocation was art and painting but he had little time for artistic discovery in Britain. Immigrating to Canada in 1966, he earned a degree in geophysics at the University of British Columbia and, several years later, Electronic Engineering at Victoria's Camosun College. By the mid 1980's Chris had begun to intersperse his daily work life with the formal study of art and painting, and, in 1997, after almost 40 years of making "practical career choices", he embarked on the most rewarding period of his life when he enrolled in the Victoria College of Art, and began painting full time.

Inspired by the creative atmosphere imbued by the likes of then VCA Director, Robin Mayor and fellow artists, Jeff Molloy, Fran Baskerville and Barbara Elson, to name a few, Chris began to find his own artistic style and personal freedom. He prefers to paint in oils but works with most media. Like the artists he is influenced by, his style can be eclectic - realism, abstraction, post-impressionism - but most of his work reflects his passion for the natural world of Western Canada and his desire to reconnect the viewer with natural surroundings.

Chris Broadbent made his home in Victoria, British Columbia with his partner, Karla Wagner. When he was not painting, he enjoyed cycling the Galloping Goose trail, trekking the wilderness of Vancouver Island, HO trains and red wine! He was always looking to discover more, and continued to search, research and study, as his art and his style evolved.  

Sadly, Chris passed away March 5, 2015 but we are so very glad that we walked the same path for a while.

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