Introducing Chris Broadbent

Published Fri, Nov 16th, 2012


Fall 2012

Big News! We have a new artist in the gallery!

New Artist:    Chris Broadbent lives in Victoria and has spent the past twenty something years following his passion for painting.  We first met Chris in Victoria in 1997 at an art show that Mary produced. It was a cooperative event that aimed to help local artists raise their profiles in the community.  Chris had recently retired from his day job to devote his attention full time to painting, and was most of the way through the Victoria College of Art's new art program, when we were introduced.  First memories of Chris' paintings were of deeply intense forest scenes on mammoth canvases. You could feel the damp dripping from the moss hanging from the trees!  

Forests are still big on his list of favorites to paint and he has an uncanny ability to make your neck ache with the scale of his work.  Naturally, as confidence grew, his style evolved - forests still hold a special place in his heart but he has moved out into the light to capture wooded walks, sweeping seascapes, boats, birds and vignettes around Vancouver Island as well as some lighthearted renderings of some very quirky images. His paintings of insects and flowers share the same close up intensity of his earlier forest works - the scale of the subject matter is a surprise - butterflies on 28" x 30" canvases! Hovering in flight, the sunlight behind glows through the colorful wings.  Beautiful!

We have a small selection of his work on view at the gallery and all are available in art cards or note cards through the
shop.  Chris has an inventory of original works available for sale at his studio and also invites commission works.  



Visit Chris' gallery at Topgate Farm, and check out his shop items, too. To contact Chris directly visit his website.



Artists connect:  The art show that is referred to above was called ArtWorks@Cadboro Bay. It was a volunteer driven weekend show that ran for a few years in the late '90's and, arguably, its biggest success was the network that developed amongst the participating artists. Like the original Topgate Farm proved back at the turn of the last century, nature is a fine inspiration for the artistic mind, but any creative person who works alone in a studio understands the challenge that comes with working in isolation and the need to connect with like minded folks in order to nurture ideas and motivation.  

Over the years we have kept an eye on a number of artists from the old ArtWorks@Cadboro Bay days and when the idea behind Topgate became a reality, we began to reconnect with them.   As we grow, we plan to create a forum for artists to meet and chat but in the meantime, we are very happy to renew old acquaintances and welcome Chris Broadbent to Topgate Farm.