Happy New Year!

Published Thu, Jan 26th, 2012

January 26, 2012 

Happy New Year!  
We've been grateful for all the positive feedback since our website's launch in November.  Without doing any real promotion yet, the number of visitors to the website has been quite steady over the past two months and we're very pleased with the interest.

There have been a number of inquiries about prints and after we meet with local printers over the next few weeks to talk about materials, sizes and pricing we'll post more deatils on the Shop page.  One of our mandates is to produce all of our product ourselves, or, where our equipment is limited, through local print shops.   We know we can have printing done offshore but we're not interested in mass production of cheap products. We are hands on and believe this shows in the quality of our products.  We are also very proud to be able to say everything at Topgate Farm is "created and printed in Canada".

Shipping charges will be waived in February.  If you're thinking about stocking up on cards for birthdays, retirements or other special occasions for the year, February would be the month to take advantage of our "no shipping fees in February" promotion.

And finally:  To tweet or not to tweet?
Our website hosts, Radarhill Technology provide a variety of workshops from time to time for the technically challenged amongst us.  Jack recently attended their workshop on "Twitter". You can now follow Topgate Farm on twitter @topgatefarm.  I'm sure Jack has lots to say . . . I'll stick to printing cards.

Until next month . . . . .