The Farm


The back story of Topgate Farm

Topgate Farm
is the story of Western Canadian Pioneers and a homestead in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  Working farm, wide open ranch land and alpine grazing meadows comprise the territory that is Topgate Farm.

For more than a century the pioneer vision of Topgate Farm endured but along the way the dream grew to include more than hard physical labour.  Over the decades a relationship developed between Topgate Farm and the Artist community.  Artists had discovered inspiration in the wilderness setting of Topgate Farm and were invited to use the old barns and campsites high in the mountain meadows for their creative retreats.  Word spread.  Traditions were born.

Pioneers, ranchers, farmers, artists - all possessed a mutual respect and passion for this special part of the world.  And all were granted the common sense to know that every effort should be made to share it with others.

The journey into the mountains

From the foothills there’s a gradual climb up a meandering gravel track.
You pass by forests of spruce, fir, ash and poplar. Sunlight filters through.
A crystal clear waterfall cascades over boulders into a gently moving mountain stream.
An Elk has stopped to drink, unaware he’s being watched.
A distant, snow capped mountain pulls you forward.
The air is fresh and clean. The sky is blue and clear.
The land begins to plateau.
An alpine meadow is reached and just up ahead are ancient rough hewn wooden gates.
There’s a whisper on the breeze.
This place has a story. . . .